Thing's I Learned This Week 8

1. Planning a trip is hard but it will ALWAYS be cheaper to do it yourself rather than through a travel agent.

2. If you get a spare $200 and have a free weekend, spend it close to nature drinking wine and eating carbs with your loved ones, you won’t regret it.

3. Celebrity culture can be all consuming, but we like to live by the term ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself’. As long as you recognise when you’ve gone too far down the wormhole and can pull yourself out, you’ll be alright.

4. If you’re going on a long haul flight just buy and wear those ugly ass travel panty hose. Firstly no one cares and secondly it can stop you from get blood clots, BLOOD CLOTS PEOPLE!

5. If you have to face an adverse situation or a time in your life ask yourself will going through this get me where I need to be? If the answer is yes, focus on that end goal and push your way forward.