Thing's I Learned This Week 2

1. If you’re in any sort of emergency weather situation aka heavy downpour, always invest in a quality raincoat or umbrella. The cost of that 1 item will be the same if you bought the same thing 5 times over.

2. Anyone who says that fruit is bad for you due to the sugar content can go away. It’s fruit, there are worse things to eat.

3. When an opportunity arises (that will further your health/relationships/career) take it, even if you might be tight on cash at the time. You can always make more money but you can’t always make an opportunity.

4. Why get rejected from 94 jobs when you can get rejected from 95, always try to make it an even number.

5. If you’re trying to bake something sometimes you can’t just replace an ingredient with something else (for example self-raising flour with regular flour) it won’t work and it will fuck up those cinnamon scrolls you’ve spent almost 2 hours on.

6. Sometimes you need to self sabotage by listening to love songs on repeat to make yourself feel worse and better at the same time and that’s okay.