Thing's I Learned This Week 1

1. If you write ‘Edward’ on a pair of scissors and then hold them in your hand you can claim that you are Edward Scissor Hands.

2. You might think that everyone else seems really busy but in reality, if you’re working hard then they're probably doing the same amount you are.

3. If you want something but can’t really afford it a great way to get it is to inception your significant other. Case in point, drop a hint about something that smelt/looked/tasted/felt amazing into a conversation and mention where it’s from and how much it costs. If you’re with someone who isn’t completely redundant they will most likely get it for you.

4. A great way to work is the 1 for 1 rule. Do one part of your work/studies/project and then read/listen/watch something you like. Just don’t write 100 words of your essay and then watch an entire season of Stranger doesn’t work.

5. Always look up when you’re outside...or inside, you might have cobwebs that you didn’t know about.

6. If you don’t know how to significantly contribute to a race rights issue because you aren’t that race, ask someone who is. They’re more likely to give you an effective and less offensive way to help.