Our mission at The Eve Project is to educate young women on important topics, issues and products.

We take topics or issues that can be confusing and complicated when filtered through the mainstream media and adapt them for our audience.

We review products and brands which are at the forefront of sustainable and ethical standards and recommend books and podcasts which promote this lifestyle. 

We provide our readers with the knowledge we have, as well as ways to take action or do further research of their own. We want young women to walk away with enough information to start a conversation about a topic, the desire to learn more about an issue or the passion to take action.

We aim to remain as unbiased as possible. 





The Eve Project always aims to provide the truth in every way possible. From the sources of our information to the opinions we hold on products. We don't sugar coat it. 


The Eve Project strives to come from a point of understanding. We put particular focus on understanding other's perspective and take this into account when discussing sensitive issues.


The Eve Project believes in the motto "curiosity didn't kill the cat, complacency did". We continue to question everything, our views, our opinions and our selves. If we don't know we ask and we never stop learning. 



The Eve Project has pillars which we reflect on and stand by for every product we review. 

1. Is the ethical, fair and transparent?

2.Is it sustainable?

3. Is it organic, natural or raw?

4. Is it cruelty free or vegan?

5. Is it local?

6. Is it charitable?

We ask, does the company, brand or product we are promoting or discussing have some or all of these elements in their building, with their employees, within their brand, packaging, product and supply/distribution chain?