How You Can Help This Week 5

In the spirit of Effective Altruism the best way you can help this week is to take a pledge. Effective Altruism as described in our Book of the Month, explains how you can use your time, money and energy to help others most effectively. It sounds simple and makes sense but how can we put this into practice in our everyday lives? By simply ‘Giving What You Can’ aka 10% of your annual income, to organisations which have proven to be effective in their programmes and treatment of those in need.   

Alternatively if you would like to just donate a once off sum of money you can right now to Give Directly. Give Directly is an organisation which gives money to people living in extreme poverty for them to use at will for their most basic needs. This way they dictate what they need to have most, rather than an external source doing this for them. To learn more about Give Directly and donate click here.