How You Can Help This Week 2

This week’s way you can help involves DONATING BLOOD! You know what’s completely insane? The amount of blood that is needed to help someone battle through an illness, accident or disease. Blood transfusions help millions of humans every year in a countless amount of ways. All you need to do is check out this website and if you’re eligible go down for a quick halfa and donate some blood. It will take you minimal time, a little pain but it’s worth it for a treat and the fact that you’re probably saving someone’s life. Good deed for the week DONE.  

Also if you can’t donate blood due to tattoo’s or health issues why not donate to The Iodine Global Network. The Iodine Global Network is a not-for-profit, non governmental organisation which aims for all humans to have optimal iodine nutrition and allow kids to reach their full cognitive potential. They do great things such as support and catalyze global iodine programs, working with an array of stakeholders. Oh and they’ve been recommended by Givewell.

Find out more and donate here