How You Can Help This Week 1

This week’s way you can help involves SWITCHING BANKS! You know what’s crazy, how many millions of dollars are invested in fossil fuels EVERY SINGLE YEAR by your bank. That’s right the bank that you are using to get your parents to transfer you money for rent or pay for the chai soy latte you really REALLY needed is taking advantage of this fact and investing it into our planets demise. So all you need to do is 4 EASY AF steps:

  1. Check out this website and see if your bank invests in fossil fuels. If so decide which bank you would like to be with that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels.

  2. Go to your NEW bank you have chosen, set up new accounts, cards and more.

  3. Go to your OLD bank, cancel your accounts and cut up your cards.

  4. Live your life knowing that you are a better human being who isn’t supporting climate change!

Also if you can’t do this due to loans, mortgages etc why not donate to Climate for Change. Climate for Change is an Australian not-for-profit which specialises in raising awareness about climate change. Founder Katerina spent several years researching about the current and future impacts of climate change before making the decision to start her own NFP.

With your donation Climate for Change educates facilitators to attend gatherings at host’s houses, allowing people to have a free, open and educated discussion about climate change. From there each individual has the opportunity to host their own gathering and spread the word about climate change, with the hope that others will take action from making changes in their own lives to lobbying the government.

Find out more and donate here.