April: Book of the Month

Effective Altruism by William Macaskill


I think it’s pretty easy to say that a book has changed our lives time and time again, but here at The Eve Project we don’t want to promote something which doesn’t either change your life or someone else's.

Effective Altruism is a concise, informative book on how you can truly utilise and maximise your time here on Earth to produce the most effective results in the ‘doing good’ sector.

Based off Peter Singer, William Macaskill has taken this idea and hit the ground running, elaborating on what you can do for your career and in your spare time to make a difference.

Be warned, there will be things in this book that you simply don’t want to hear or that for a first world person can be a little frustrating to realise but the end result is greatly worth it.

Best For: Changing your fucking life.

You can buy this here and here.