The Eve Project was born with a desire to educate young women.

With a million different ways to consume information, it can become overwhelming for those to want to learn about a simple topic, product or item. So many are being misinformed or not informed enough. This has led to a large amount of people discussing untrue information online and the eventual watering down of facts and figures.

The Eve Project aims to create a space that takes complicated, muddled topics and helps young women to understand them clearly. It also allows our founder to express her thoughts on a range of consumer products, doing good. 

The Eve Project is an open, compassionate and understanding community for people of all ages, genders, races, religions and backgrounds to express their opinion, discuss a topic or ask a question. 

Under no circumstances does The Eve Project allow bullying or harassment of any kind on our website or social media. 



You might be wondering why we are discussing topics that deal with politics, society, culture, ideologies and our ‘system’ in general, while at the same time showing products and brands to purchase.

We understand that there can be a conflict of interest, as we take a stance against a capitalist and consumerist society.

We must acknowledge that we do currently benefit from living in this particular structure and are able to live lives that are relatively comfortable and free of major trauma and stress, should we choose.

As neo-liberalism has seeped its way into mainstream Western society over the past few decades, we have unconsciously been told to work to earn and earn to spend, on items we do not need, which can cause grievous harm to our planet and fellow humans.

We believe the biggest most effective change comes from taking action within our communities, learning more about topics and discussing these issues.

While The Eve Project aims to do this, we also recommend ways to become smarter, more conscious consumers. To buy only things you need, finish using the items you already have and to purchase items which adhere to our personal pillars.

For any further questions on our stance please don’t hesitate to contact us here.